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2023 Used Book Sale

2023 Garden Walk

Garden Walk

Garden Walk

The upcoming Book Sale is promoted at the Garden Walk

2023 Memorial Day Parade

2022 Holiday Celebration

2022 Scholarship Winners

Scholarship winners 2022

2022 Scholarship Winnerss

Michaela Rendon, Kelly McLean, Madison Navarro


2021 Used Book Sale

Sandburg Middle School
July 8-11, 2021

Book Sale 2021Book Sale 2021Book Sale 2021York High School football team members

DuPage PADS Meeting

October 9, 2019




September Supper


Livia Restaurant


September 11, 2019



 60TH Anniversary – 2019 Used Book Sale


 July 25th-28th at Sandburg Middle School

Barbara Hunter, Denise Dean, and Lauren Pitelli thank the Elmhurst community for supporting the 2019 Used Book Sale

Krista, Betty Laliberte, Lauren Pitelli, Jan Caudy, and Barbara Hunter thank the Elmhurst Community and Doti’s Liquors for supporting the Used Book Sale.

Lauren Pitelli, Cindy Grau, Linda Fischer, Deb Markello, Carolyn Heiney, and Judy Ekblad are all smiles as they work a shift at the book sale.

Betty Laliberte, Jan Caudy, and Perry Doubt share a laugh at the book sale.

York High School football team and Key Club members helped with cleanup.


July 18, 2019


Elmhurst College Kappa Kappa Gamma members assist at a book sort

                                   ELMHURST GARDEN CLUB WALK

                                                                     July 14, 2019

Front to Back – Suzanne Stock, Lauren Pitelli, and Moira Murray

Lauren Pitelli, Suzanne Stock, and Moira Murray




Sally Shuster and Maria Patt

Deb Markello






Pat O’Dwyer, Carol Rounds, and Cynthia Smith-Jans













                                     May 27, 2019

The AAUW Elmhurst Area Branch Memorial Day Parade participants

Ellen O’Hara (back seat) and Elaine Libovitz (front seat) ride in Mike O’Dwyer’s patriotic red convertible!








Maria Patt, Linda Fischer, Jennifer Jordan, Amy Allen, Tsue Ostermann, Moira Murray, Patricia Donahue, Tsue Ostermann, Sarah Caltvedt, Suzanne Stock ,Carol Rounds, Jacki Bogolia, and Betty Laliberte are lined up and ready for the parade to begin.

Maria Patt, Linda Fischer, Moira Murray, Patricia Donahue, Jennifer Jordan, Tsue Ostermann, Amy Allen, Carol Rounds, Judy Ekblad, Sarah Caltvedt, Betty Laliberte, and Jacki Bogolia






















Jennifer Jordan rolls up the banner at the end of the parade route.


                                 SPRING LUNCHEON – May 4, 2019

                                 River Forest Country Club, Elmhurst

Seated (L to R) – Lauren Pitelli, Amy Allen, Elaine Libovitz, Perry Doubt, Judy Ekblad                            Standing – Sally Ott and Genie Urich,   (Sarah Caltvedt in background).







50+ Members – Seated – Jeannette Flaningam and Mary Eleanor Wall                                           Standing (L to R) – Genie Urich, Sally Allen, co-Membership VP Deb Markello, Marcia Goltermann, Virginia Curran, and Elaine Davison


Seated – Marcia Goltermann                                                                                                                        Standing (L to R) – Elaine Davison, Jane Kiep, Jeanne Reagan, Peggy Fox, Mary Hallman, and Sally Allen

Seated – 2019 RSS recipients Claudia Oropeza (L) and Paulina Rseszowska (R) with Mary Mallon (C) Standing (L to R) – Moira Murray, Suzanne Stock, co-President Carolyn Heiney, Sally Schuster, and Jennifer Jordan

2019 Returning Student Scholarship Recipients Claudia Oropeza (L) and Paulina Rseszowska (R) with co-President Carolyn Heiney

September Supper – Dorothy Valintis, Sarah Caltvedt, Denise Thompson, Betty Laliberte, and Sally Schuster

Sherall Carson, Peggy Fox, and Elaine Davison

Maria Patt, Denise Dean, and Suzanne Stock

Mary Eleanor Wall, Azra Haque, Marilyn Thompson

New members Kimberly Miller (2nd from L) and Victoria Ludkowski (R) with Membership Co-Directors Deb Markello and Suzanne Stock

Members of the York National Honor Society and football team help with cleanup

Dedicated AAUW members sort books every Wednesday and Saturday in preparation for the Used Book Sale

Lauren Pitelli arrives on bike for her shift at the Garden Walk.

Carol Rounds, Maria Patt, AAUW Supporter Jeanne Reder, Denise Dean, Deb Markello, Tsue Ostermann, Genie Urick, Suzanne Stock, and Carolyn Heiney prepare to march in the 100th Elmhurst Memorial Day Parade.

Coming down York Street

Denise Dean, Tsue Ostermann, Judy Ekblad, and Carol Rounds wait for the parade to begin.

Denise Dean, Tsue Ostermann, Judy Ekblad, and Carol Rounds carry the banner in the parade.

Suzanne Stock, Judy Ekblad, Maria Patt, Tsue Ostermann, Deb Markello, Denise Dean, AAUW Supporter Jeanne Reder, and Carol Rounds comprise the Used Book Sale banner carriers.

Pat O’Dwyer’s husband Mike, Genie Urick, incoming co-President Carolyn Heiney and her grandson Mikey ride in Mike’s festive red convertible.

2018 Returning Student Scholarship recipients Robyn-Leigh Zaras (L) and Suzanne Oddo (R) with AAUW Funds Director Mary Mallon

50 year members at the May Supper include (L to R) Genie Urick, Mary Eleanor Wall, Marcia Goltermann, Elaine Davison, and Sally Allen

New 50 year members Genie Urick (L) and Elaine Davison (R) with Membership VP’s Deb Markello and Jennifer Jordan

May Supper at Roberto’s

Incoming & Outgoing Board Members

Incoming & Outgoing Board Members

Christmas Party 2017 at Janet Hodge’s Condo

New Life Member Virginia Curran accepts her certificate from Membership Vice President Deb Markello at the October Meeting

Author Barbara Warner Deane and Program Vice President Genie Urick with Deane’s book “On the Homefront”

Barb Warner Deane presenting at the October Meeting

Sorting for the 2017 Used Book Sale

Suzanne Stock, Deb Markello, Maria Patt, and Jenn Aldred welcome guests to the AAUW sponsored house on the 2017 Elmhurst Garden Walk and Faire

Pat O’Dwyer and Elaine Libovitz at the 2017 Elmhurst Garden Walk and Faire

May Supper at Café Amano – 2017

2017 Returning Scholar Scholarship recipient Casandra Townsel accepts her award from AAUW Funds Director Mary Mallon at the May Supper

2017 Library Exhibit Case

January 2017 Meeting:
The RE:NEW Project


January 2017 Meeting

January 2017 Meeting

January 2017 Meeting

January 2017 Meeting

January 2017 Meeting

AAUW members prepare for the 2016 Used Book Sale.

Samantha Bauer, 2016 Returning Student Scholarship winner, accepts her award from Elaine Davison

Scholarship Winner Kathleen Ekeberg with Elaine Davison, AAUW Funds

Book Sorting

Lauren Pittelli and Darlene Van Meir manning the AAUW table at Elmhurst Garden Walk

Lauren Pittelli and Darlene Van Meir manning the AAUW table at Elmhurst Garden Walk