Branch Officers

2023-2024 Branch Officers

Elected Officers

President Moira Murray
Program Vice Presidents Susan Boyd
Carolyn Heiney
Membership Vice Presidents Linda Fischer
Renee Oshinski
Recording Secretary Krista Friedman
Director of Finance Jennifer Jordan
Director of Publicity/Communictions Jane Klenck
Directors of Nominating Committee
Moira Murray
Jennifer Jordan
Suzanne Stock
Director of AAUW Funds
Josephine Mulvihill
Director of Bylaws and Policies Patricia O’Dwyer
Director of Public Policy

Appointed Officers

Director—College/University Relations Moira Murray
Director—Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Elizabeth Neill
Editor—Newsletter Perry Doubt
Editor—Yearbook/Directory Sally Schuster
Editor–Branch Facebook Page Sarah Caltvedt
Editor—Branch Website Sally Schuster

Special Committee Chairs

Chairs—Fundraisers Carolyn Heiney
Jennifer Jordan
Chairs—Book Discussion Carol Rounds
Elaine Davison
Darlene Van Meir
Chair—Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Elizabeth Neill
Chair—Half the Sky Betty Laliberte

                     2019/2020 Board Members

2019/2020 Board Members
Seated (L) to (R) – Jane Jegerski, Sally Schuster, Suzanne Stock
Standing (L) to (R) – Kimberly Miller, Pat O’Dwyer, Sarah Caltvedt, Jennifer Jordan, Maria Patt, Peggy Fox










                           2018/2019 Board Members

2018/2019 Outgoing Board Members
Seated (L) to (R) – Jane Jegerski, Deb Markello, Denise Thompson, Suzanne Stock
Standing (L) to (R) – Sally Ott, Maria Patt, Tsue Ostermann, Genie Urick, Jan Summers, Sally Schuster, Peggy Fox, Perry Doubt, Carolyn Heiney








                                     2017/2018 Board Members

Pat O’Dwyer, Perry Doubt, Genie Urick, Jan Summers, and Denise Dean


Sally Schuster, Maria Patt, Tsue Ostermann, Mary Mallon, and Jennifer Jordan

Denise Thompson, Deb Markello, Carol Rounds, Suzanne Stock, Sarah Caltveldt, and Betsy Aldred