Book Sale

2017 Used Book Sale

Thursday, August 3rd through Sunday, August 6th

Lincoln Elementary School

565 S. Fairfield Avenue   Elmhurst, IL  60126


Thursday, August 3rd: Opening Night – 6-9pm – $10 Admission Fee

Friday, August 4th: 9am-8pm – FREE Admission

Saturday, August 5th: 10am-3pm – FREE Admission

Sunday, August 6th: noon-3pm – FREE Admission – $10 Bag Sale   – Fill up a grocery bag (provided by AAUW) full of items for only $10!!

This is our 58th annual Used Book Sale.  Books of all kinds will be available, as well as CD’s and DVD’s; buy a few or buy many. Books for all ages and all subject areas are included among the many donations the branch receives.  Our donations come from the community.  We are so grateful for all of the support we receive.  The book donation barrels will be put out in June – this site will be updated with exact dates and locations as soon as they are finalized.

Our 57th annual Used Book Sale took place August 4th-7th, 2016 in the Lincoln School multi-purpose room.  Our total sales were  better than the previous year and was a resounding success.  A lot of books moved through the doors into new homes.

For five weeks an incredible group of dedicated sorters turned out to sort and organize the thousands of books that were donated by the community. As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.”  In the end, all the hard work paid off. Our gross income was $11,740.90 from book sales, $1,013.40 from unsold recycled books and $540 from admissions Thursday night. The $540 will go into our Convention Fund to help defray the cost of AAUW convention and conference attendance, and the remainder, minus expenses, will be available for AAUW contributions and local scholarships as determined by our AAUW Funds Committee and ratified by the Branch membership in November.

The annual Used Book Sale is our signature event in the Elmhurst community. It gives us priceless visibility, but also provides an important service. Residents can donate their books knowing that they will be put to good use; people can buy books at very affordable prices; anything left over is donated to local charities like the VA Hospital and the Yorkfield Food Pantry or picked up by Discover Books to be donated elsewhere, sold to cover expenses, or recycled properly; the money raised funds AAUW’s important work as well as local scholarships; we get an opportunity to promote membership. Best of all, working on the sale gives us a chance to talk, share books, get to know each other better, and that, in turn, leads to a stronger Branch. This year we feel very strong indeed!